Mortons Neuroma Treatment

Overview Morton’s neuroma is a swollen, inflamed nerve in the foot.Morton’s neuroma causes a “burning” sharp pain on the bottom of the foot. Treatments for Morton’s neuroma include resting the foot, better-fitting shoes, anti-inflammation medications, ice packs, and operation. A neuroma is growth (benign tumor) that arises in nerve cells. A Morton’s neuroma is a […]

Treatments For Achilles Tendon Rupture

If your Back Pain feels like a bruise or a dull ache, you may have metatarsalgia People with metatarsalgia will often find that the pain is aggravated by walking in bare feet and on hard floor surfaces. Pain in the ball of your foot can stem from several causes. Ball of foot pain is the […]

Pictures, Remedies & Treatment

Anyone who’s ever played hide and seek knows what a thrill it is to be well-hidden somewhere, perhaps only a breath or two away from the soft shoe scuffs of the seeker, almost bursting out laughing because you know if they just twitched the curtain aside, took one step behind them, or shifted the branch […]

Foot Pain In The Morning

Foot heaviness or weakness ( foot drop ) Often originating from a spinal nerve root in the lower back, foot drop refers to a weak or heavy feeling that makes it difficult or impossible to flex the ankle and bring the front of the foot up. Foot drop due to a L5 nerve root problem […]

Heel Pain In Children

The reason why so many plantar fasciitis sufferers feel a sharp tug pain on their heel bone on rising is because the plantar fasciitis, over stretched during exercise, relaxes back to its shortened state during inactivity and is forced to stretch once more when the foot is placed on the ground. For those who find […]

Cure Plantar Fasciitis And Foot Pain.

The hollow is a congenital deformity of the foot. Case is very rare. Less than 5% of the German population have this problem. In contrast to the lowering and Flatfoot the longitudinal arch not leveling off at the lab, but the Rist remains overly strongly curved, even if the base will be charged. The case […]

The ABC’s Of Foot Pain

A bunion is one of the most common deformities found in the feet. Because of the progressive nature of this problem, a bunion left untreated can lead to enough pain and disability to make walking difficult. Bunion (Hallus Valgus) Treatment You have stopped doing things you want to do because of the pain from the […]

Lower Back Pain

Learn how to use various types of chairs and their functions in relation to improving posture and get expert tips and advice on healthy and proper posture in this free personal health video. Learn how to employ the proper positions to sleep in that will not cause pain and get expert tips and advice on […]